CCTV Surveys

CCTV inspections provide a cost effective, efficient method to identify the condition of your drains and sewers without causing any disruption to your property or the surrounding environment.

CCTV Drain Surveys In Dunfermline, Fife & Surrounding Areas.

Our trained and competent CCTV surveyors hold the Pipe Sewer Condition Classification (OS19X). Using the highly detailed reporting software WinCan, our surveyors can provide accurate analysis on your drain or sewer.

Our Equipment

We have a variety of camera systems to ensure the requirements of our clients are fulfilled. Our push-rod CCTV cameras can be used to provide inspections on domestic drains as well as small diameter sewers. Our more advanced crawler systems are used to undertake detailed inspections from 150mm to larger diameter pipelines, drains and sewers. The crawler system will be used to provide the surveyor 360-degree rotation and pan functions to ensure every part of the pipe can be analysed. Even in zone 1 or other explosive risk environments, we have ATEX approved systems which provides a much safer way to carry out inspections as opposed to alternative methods. All our CCTV cameras are fitted with multi-frequency sondes which give us the ability to locate areas in the pipeline such as defects, buried chambers etc. The depth from surface can also be recorded.

Survey Reports

Our clients’ requirements differ depending on the associated task. We can produce the findings to the client in a variety of different ways. From issuing the video footage to producing a highly detailed condition report using Wincan reporting software, we have you covered. All our CCTV survey reports will be completed in accordance with the Manual of Sewer Condition Classification produced by the Water Research Centre (WRc)

If you would like to make an enquiry about our CCTV service, please call our office on 01383 825324 or email

There are many reasons why a CCTV survey would be required, some examples are stated below:

  • Maintenances Schedules

  • Post completion of newly installed drains and sewers

  • Post repair surveys

  • Pre adoption surveys

  • Pre site investigations

  • Drain/Sewer tracing and locating

  • Identify the cause of a blockage

  • Subsidence investigations

  • Pre and post build over surveys